How to Cloud Sync Zotero for free

Zotero provides 300MB file storage in the cloud for free. If you have a few projects, storage space will become scarce. And when you start a large literature review you will soon run out of space. To get more storage space you can upgrade your storage plan which will cost you at least $20 annually.

How does Zotero store your files?

Zotero stores all your PDF files in the Zotero application folder. This folder is on Linux per default at: /home/{username}/Zotero Inside this folder you find the main database (Sqlite) and a few folders. Within the sub-folder storage are all your PDF files. To find your Zotero folder

How to sync a large Zotero Library for free

If you want to synchronize a library larger than the 300MB freely included, you can either pay for the Zotero Cloud or use one of your already existing cloud storage providers. This solution works with any cloud provider, you can use Dropbox, Mega or any OwnCloud/Nextcloud solution.

Steps to setup free cloud Synchronization

  1. Open your Zotero folder: go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Files and Folders->"Show Data Directory
  2. Move the folder storage to your Cloud Sync Folder e.g “Dropbox”
  3. Create a Symbolic link to the new storage folder in the Zotero folder: ln -s /home/{user}/Dropbox/storage /home/{user}/Zotero/storage